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Judas Iscariot: Composer's Notes

Composer’s Notes:

This work is written to commemorate the centenary celebrations of St. Mary’s Church Alverstoke Hampshire England and is inspired by the Poem ‘The Ballad of Judas Iscariot’ written by Robert Buchanan (1841-1901). The text herein is by Philip Barker using some of the ideas and images portrayed in the Buchanan poem.In performance, it is recommended that the children’s chorus and pianist be set apart from the SATB choir and organ. If space allows, the other soloists may be placed in different parts of the church and the Tenor Soloist may move about as Judas’ ‘journey’ progresses, beginning at a distance from the other performers and arriving in the same area as the Bass (Christ) for the closing sequence. The work may be performed by a competent SATB Choir with good Soloists to take on the challenging solo roles and a proficient childrens chorus which sings entirely in unison.Organist and Pianist need to possess advanced abilities. Enquiries about arranging a performance, please contact me.

Paul Pilott.